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Valletta City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy We will start the day by visiting an area known as Ghar Lapsi (great area for swimming!). This is a rocky beach overseeing the islet of Fifla. Following a swim and some relaxing time, we will proceed to visit Wied iz-Zurrieq (it willl be possible to visit Blue Grotto however at an additional price/for those who prefer not to visit, it is also possible to swim there). After that, we can finish the trip by heading off to Mdina for some incredible history and views, as well as a slice of cake from one of Malta's best cafes :) We will also be trying out a typical Maltese snack known as pastizzi at one of the best places on the island. I recommend that you book this tour as it is quite difficult to go around several places within a limited amount of time as the public transportation is not the greatest and in this way you can see more places in less time.
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      Hello! My friend Vicki and I are taking a girls trip to Malta and would love a local tour guide for at least a day! Very interested in learning about the history and culture! +Read More
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