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Warsaw City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Would you dare go accross the river to see the district of Paga? A challenge many Varsovians refuse to take up. See first hand why it's allegedly a savage part of Warsaw and whether it's a justified view. I'm offering you a tour around Praga, the only district that will enhance your stereotype about Poland and will completely bust it at the same time. I want to show you how communist reminiscence coexists peacefully with glimpses of high-tech modernity, and religious zeal. Learn why Praga was Google's choice and became the Campus of Google HQ. Discover some of Praga's charms with an avowed Praga lover and the ditstrict unofficial ambassador. Amongst them: - a hidden gem café with homemade cheesecake for 5 PLN, where a true Polish punk will cater best vinyl music for you - Praga street-art - Holy Mary shrines scattered around the district - bears - a true communist expierence - vodka factory - many tips on what to do on your own, 'cause you won't want to come back to the other side of Vistula and way more that I rather not divulge prematurely! Praga is everything that Warsaw is and everything that it is not. Come to the capital's most unique district.
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      From: Istanbul
      To: Warsaw
      After opener festival ı will be in warsaw for 3 days with my friends. We beed a pub crawlee :( +Read More
      • 1 person
      • Looking for: Pub Crawler

      Arrive: 2016-07-04

      Depart: 2016-07-06

      about 5 years ago

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