Jakarta City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy On Jakarta cosmopolitan city tour we will visit 1. National Museum Biggest museum in jakarta. This is best museum in Indonesia. 2. National Monument (Monas) The icon of Jakarta. Tower with high 132meters built on year 1961 as symbolize of the independence day of Indonesia. 3. Istiqlal Mosque The biggest mosque in south east Asia. The capture of Muslim in Indonesia. 4. Cathedral Church Old Catholic church build by Dutch Colonial in front of the Mosque with European style of building. 5. China town Visit old Chinese temple (petal sembilan), glodok as one of the biggest market in jakarta, traditional wet market in China town, and also famous culinary area for Chinese people who live in jakarta. 6. Batavia Old town Visit the puppet museum and enjoying the fatahillah square, the city hall of jakarta during colonial time. Mostly building in old city is the rest of Dutch colonial time.
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