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Oslo City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Welcome to Oslo, as I can maximize your time and enjoyment in terms of money and timing. Including Denmark and sweden advice. Boat trip for 3 EUR. Buffet breakfast for 6 EUR. many advice help you save 400kr per person at least. Dont buy the Oslo Pass (App.: 300kr) it is a joke. You are welcome to use our kitchen for local food, while enjoy time on the terrace to see the Northern light and romatic skyline of the city. In Oslo, most of the building (including hotel had no roof) because it is a snowing country, but we have the terrace with sunbath bed and table for you and your stakeholders. I am also taking care of Startup issue , welcome to ask if you like to co operate. Life is short, like the movie Interstellar, I know how to maximize your time + enjoyment and save your cost efficiently. Everybody said it is an expensive country. Dont believe it. It is cheap here if you are a smart local. :: ) The price here is 15 USD, but I will refund 5 USD to you when you appear. No worries for that.
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      Welcome to cook something here, as you can enjoy the local food here. I will give you a tour guide on mapping as you can maximize your time and enjoyment in the trip. I can also give travel advice for you in Denmark, Paris Disney, Sweden, etc. as my knowledge base cover over 1000km that can make your trip more efficient instead of wasting time reading your map. / google map. +Read More
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