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Porto Alegre City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Travelling to Porto Alegre? Porto Alegre is a great city with beautiful architecture and cultural scene. My goal is to make sure to provide you with the best experience in town based on things you like the most, so my tours are customizable according to the traveller's main interests and all of them include 10 SPOTS. Below are some of the options you can choose from. :) ART AND ARCHITECTURE Art museums, exhibits, churches and constructions. MUSIC Houses of culture, themed coffee shops and bars, places to listen to or buy music of traveller's choice. BRAZILIAN AND RIO GRANDE DO SUL CULTURE Experience an immersion day on our typical food, music and dance. NATURE / UNPLUGGED / LANDSCAPE Parks, botanic gardens and hills. GENERAL PORTO ALEGRE TOUR All of the above mixed: get to see the best Porto Alegre has to offer and get a glimpse of our art, architecture, music, culture and nature! Contact me for information on the spots available for each of the options above as well as extra tours we can create especially based on your taste!
Porto Alegre