Bucharest City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Trying out every bar in the town is not possible for short term visitors. Thus, your beloved Guddy Can chose the best ones for you. I hear you saying "what if they re not my type.. too loudy or too dreary." Here I do a revolutionary campaign for you, wanderers ! Let me know about your style and I will decide the places for you. Jazz, Rock or Techno ? No worries! The main frame will be something like; -Meet up around and get to know each other in a garden (according to your taste). -A bar where you can be the bartender and do your own drinks behind the bar. -A bar of your style, -Rumbling belly? Lets find some Romanian snacks , -A bar of your style, -A live music of your style( If you choose to enjoy the night as well). Please inform me about: -The food that may cause you discomfort, -Disability status, -Your time preferences in advance.
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