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Mexico City City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Uncover the colorful Street Art of Mexico city on a insider bike tour. Get off the tourist path and get closer to the Chilango-side riding around some barrios art expressions from the hippest Roma-Condesa pop culture to the Obrera and Doctores social and political protest; the walls reflect the Muralists movement evolution out of the museums to the public space to connect people within the community. As you ride safely, you will deepen your knowledge of Mexican cultural traditions along frequent stops for fun facts and tales. Embark upon your exploration at Guerrero district where a full avenue has been awash with paint, thoughts and ideas to promote the recovery of public space, through artistic works of young Mexicans who use walls that previously suffered a visual deterioration been in marginal areas like Lagunilla and the non-turisty Centro to get the sense of the energetic merchants that have invaded the streets in a real urban scenery.Making our way to Obrera and Doctores district to visit the works of renowned international an local artists at the Antique toys museum place for the first Street Art Festival in 2011, since then the spirit has remain, inspiring the community to preserve and promote new works, to make an easier transition well have a break at the Pushkin garden to get an intro to the Chic Roma where gentrification has made it the place for eateries, bars and everything ending in "ría" where brands had pay to embellished their walls and marketing products at Condesa where pop and hipster culture showcase in every corner. Finally will head back crossing Juárez and Cuahutemoc borroughs to beawad by some of the biggest murals painted in various techniques to end our bike tour at Alameda to Diego Rivera Mural, so you can ponder on the evolution of Mexican Muralism from the late 20´s to present era in search of a national identity that is enriched by the local diversity of each artist.
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