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Kaliningrad City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy This tour will give you the highlights of Kaliningrad city. Our tour will kick off at the "Plaza Central" close to the FIFA Fan Area. First stop is at the Königsberg Cathedral on Kneiphof island. Here you will be able to admire the Cathedral up close. There is an entrance fee to be paid if you would like to visit the cathedral on your own. The Cathedral has a stunning Organ Hall and they often have concerts here. The building has a brick Gothic-style and is located close to the Pregel river. We also have an opportunity to visit the tomb of the famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who lived all his life in Königsberg/Kaliningrad. From here we will take a relaxing walk to the beautiful Fishing Village. Admire the wedding locks on Honey Bridge, a view of the Pregel river. We will indicate where you can rent boats if you want to do a river cruise in your own time. We will take a walk through the Fishing Village and head up to the Lighthouse where you will have an opportunity to rub the head of the golden bird at the top. This will bring you good luck. The entrance fee to the light tower is included in the price of the tour. During this walk, we will give you historical and architectural information. Where locals have dinner, how to behave on the street, how to get a cheap taxi, where you can find the best currency exchange rates- all this and other important information for first-time travelers. This tour will only be available from 29 April until 28 June 2018.