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Skopje City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Would you like to explore interesting sights in Skopje and come back with better (phone or camera) pictures? Then this is the tour for you! Do you want to learn more about camera settings or composition? Or do you simply want to have enough time to take pictures without having to rush to the next place? This tour is tailor-made, so where exactly we go, and which photography topics we discuss, will depend on your interests. The city center of Skopje is perfect for architecture and street photography, but we could also hit the local green markets, the city park, the Vodno mountain or find some more off-the-beaten track examples of interesting architecture or landscapes. I am happy to come up with a proposal based on your specific wishes. In any case, we will start the tour with a coffee in one of Skopje's many nice bars to fine-tune the programme. Looking forward!
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      I will travel this week in Skopje/Macedonia will be fun to trip around of Skopje +Read More
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      From: Vancouver
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      photo tour +Read More
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