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Casablanca City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy If you want to live the magical mixture between modern and traditional come with me to visit Casablanca.Starting with the ancient Medina the heart beat of Casablanca we will discover what hidden behind old walls; Marakesh's door,bazars,the Sqqala Cafe if you want to taste real Moroccan meals.The Mosque Hassan 2 will amazes you with it typical decoration and sculpture. And if you want to get fresh air let's jump to Ain diab beach and corniche ;a walk their will make from you anothar person ,then you'll find yourself next to the right place to do shopping,see luxury brands or drink a coffee. Me and my city are waiting for you with more great places,restaurants,and lot of surprises to discover. If you have any questions please ask, and see you soon!
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