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Cluj-Napoca City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Have you ever heared about Gulyas or Tripe soup? If yes, then i bet you are very excited to taste them , if not, than it's ok you will love them. In this tour I will guide you to the best restaurants that serve traditional good food. I guess often it happend to all of us as travellers to go to a restaurant that did not exceed our expectations specialy when it comes to traditional foods ....this only locals know ;) So, let me be your guide to the best places where you can eat traditional Romanian and Hungarian dishes. The tax includes a fully meal at a very good restaurant and a special traditional dessert in another secret place i know where they still keep the old ways of cooking food . Romanian cuisine may be heavy for some tourists , don t worry, even if you are vegetarian you can still taste some of the traditional goodies because I also have something saved for you. Also Before eating I will take you to a tour where I will show you other places to eat Romanian goodies :) Romanian dishes you will be served are : Starters, food and drink : 1.Tradional Palinka/ Tuica 2.Romaian Beer 3.Smoked lard with red onion and bread 4. Eggplant paste 5. Caulliflower paste with mayo 6. Zacuska ( traditional vegetables paste ) Soups and Ciorba ( the heavier , tradional version of the soup) : 1. Bean soup with smoked (pork) hocks 2. Tripe soup ( soup with cream, garlic and cow stomach ) 3. Cabbage traditional soup 4. Gulyas soup 5. Soup from Rădăuți with chicken Main courses: 1. Force-meat rolls in cabbage leaves or in vine leaves served with corn mash 2. Grilled minced meat rolls with mustard 3. Bean ragout with smoked (pork) meat 4. Gulyas 5. Cabbage à la Cluj Sweeties: 1. Romanian sponge cake 2. Cake with cheese 3. Sweet cow cheese dumplings with cream and jam * Please note you can choose one item from each category above ( 1 soup, 1 main dish , 2 drinks and 1 dessert ) . If we are more than 2, we can order more diverse courses so you can taste the all :)
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