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Kolkata City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy A day in city of Joy ( Kolkata ) : The best things to see and experience in a day : Start early morning drive to Mullick Ghat, morning flower market and explore Burra bazar to understand the local working and culture. Next after breakfast we leave for mother house ( st.teresa's home and workplace ) Next up is Kalighat Temple , the ancient 500 years old. Lunch in Bengali cuisine and world famous sweets of calcutta from a reputed restuarant. Next up , Queen victoria's memorial and meuseum to know the history of the city. Finally boat ride in the evening , watching sunset over the ganges river and glancing at the panaromic view of the sweetest city in the planet. Optional : Shopping in esplanade or main city market. Plan is customisable. I sell experience rather than just tour or trip. A day is not enough to sip in the taste of this sweetness yet I present the above plan so that you get a feel of the city if your in a rush. To know the city 3 days will be good to see around everything , with a legacy called london of the east , calcutta does not only touches your heart but possesses the soul of every traveller that comes.
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