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Pesaro City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Hallo traveler! It's my pleasure to lead you in the discover of this small and pretty unknown city. Well... being concrete, I will write which kind of tour I have in mind. City centre can be interesting, but a sighseeing around there will be very fast. I strongly reccomend to go to the hill next to Pesaro, which is called San Bartolo. There are cliffs, trekking paths and medieval villages... A must see in our area! There are also a couple of bays that worth a visit. In one of them you can have an amazing view of the sunset eating typical food, sitting on the beach. It can be a cool idea for ending the day. The tour will go on, moving to the amazing town of Urbino, which is our cultural and artistic capital. We'll see Ducal Palace from outside and go all around the centre, reachin the fortress Albornoz. There are a place near the fortress, where you can taste some regional food, which can be a good idea for the lunch. Afterwards, we'll be back in Pesaro and we'll meet again later in the evening, when you are invited at my place to taste some delicious home made food. After the dinner I can reccomend you come bars where to go either in the city centre or in the seaside. Well, if you have more questions, feel free to ask. The program is very flexible according your needs
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