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Setúbal Municipality City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy We will meet at the train station in the beautiful city of Setúbal, near Lisbon, accessible by train and with one of the most beautiful bays in the world! We will do cycletourism, riding bikes through the city of Setúbal to see the most important points of it, like the Vitoria Stadium, the House of Bocage, the Livramento Market, etc. This is a very good experience for families where you can bring your kids, since I have trolleys to take them and they will love having lots of joy cycling around the city! It's an experience of about 4-5 hours with stops to take pictures and talk a bit about the places. The terrain is mostly flat so you won't be tired of cycling. Towards almost at the end we will have a lunch at Santiagos House, a tipical Setúbal restaurant where you can taste the great famous "Choco Frito" and have a break to chat and drink something. Join me and lets go have fun!
Setúbal Municipality
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