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Athens City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Discover some of Greece’s greatest treasures and the best of modern Athens on this 3.5-hour morning or afternoon Athens sightseeing tour. The tour of top Athens sites, including the Greek Parliament and Panathenaic Stadium, stage of the first modern Olympic Games. Then, explore the mighty Acropolis to see the glorious Parthenon and other highlights. Want to add more sightseeing in Athens? Upgrade your morning tour to include entry to the Acropolis Museum to see its incredible Parthenon friezes, and other archaeological exhibits. Highlights 3.5-hour sightseeing tour of Athens, combining modern Athens with the city’s ancient sites See top Athens attractions such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Constitution Square and Panathenaic Stadium Visit the Roman Temple of Olympian Zeus and learn about ancient Athens Explore the Acropolis of Athens and see the world-famous Pantheon temple You can meet me in central Athens landmarks. The attractions including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Greek Parliament building and Presidential Palace, the home of Greece’s royals until the monarchy ended in 1974. See the Panathenaic Stadium, the venue of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Then, walk along Panepistimiou Avenue to snap photos of the National Library and Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, known to locals as ‘Mitropoli’, and one of Greece’s most revered orthodox churches.After your coach tour, see two Athens’ historical treasures on foot. View the exterior of the Temple of Olympian Zeus — a gigantic, semi-ruined edifice completed in the 2nd century AD—as your guide explains its turbulent history. Continue to Athens’ showpiece: the Acropolis. Stroll up to the UNESCO-listed site that served as the ancient citadel, and tour the buildings as you hear how they reflected Athens’ prosperity in the 5th century BC. Admire the magnificent Parthenon, and see monuments including the Propylaea gateway and stunning Temple of Athena NikeAfter time to explore the rest of the site independently, return to your coach and end your tour back at the start point. Morning Tour plus Acropolis Museum: Make the most of your time at the Acropolis by upgrading the morning tour to include entry to the Athens Acropolis Museum, one of the world’s top museums. Show your entrance ticket and explore independently. Walk around the spectacular Parthenon Hall to ogle the incredible sculptures of the Parthenon frieze, and roam the other galleries to view more than 4,000 other ancient objects. Your ticket lets you spend as long as you wish inside the museum, although most people find two hours sufficient after their 3.5-hour morning tour.
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      Hi. Wil be cruising the Med from Athens to Barcelona...with ports of call in Rome, Livorno and others. I would like to find a Local Guddy in any/all of these areas so I can see more and have a more personal experience. Let me know if you can help me. Thanks. +Read More
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      Would like to experience what and where the locals go and do. +Read More
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