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Kraków City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Some people still believe that Krakow is a capital of Poland. And they are right! Its a cultural capital. Its a beautiful old city with it's own architecture, smell and story. We are very proud of the Main square, Florianska street, Wawel castle or Jewish District. There is no way to go to Krakow and not visit these must see places. As time goes the city's modern side grows rapidly. And that is what this tour is about. Contemporary art, modernist architecture and fresh design that is what you will go through. After the tour we gonna have a drink in a very stylish location called "Dolnych Młynów" The best day for tour is tuesday becouse some of the museums have free entrance so its will be cheaper for you. Hope you will enjoy the tour and welcome to Krk city ;)
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