Bratislava City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Wanna have some fun at night in Bratislava? Do a pub crawl! Bratislava offers great prices and stunning girls! Together we will visit the best bars/pubs/clubs in Bratislava! I dont follow any strict plan, I will take you to places that suits your requirements and personality the best! With me you wont get lost neither cheated :) I will help you getting back to hotel if needed.:D Price includes one welcome shot/beer per person in first bar :) Minimal number of people is 2 (tip: if you are alone book it for two and its ok :D) * i dont have problem with making this tour for more people than 5: if you want it, order it more times (f.e. 5 in first order and 3 in second) and send me message :)
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