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Bratislava City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Dear travellers, I would love to show you all the amazing places in Bratislava. During walking city tour I will show you interesting places in Bratislava and I will tell you their history. But as I do not like typical tours with all the dates I am trying to tell you the story of each monument and sometimes suprising facts. I also give tips what to taste, where to go for local cuisine, what to buy. So I hope that after my tour you will find Bratislava as lovely as I do. See you in Bratislava
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      From: Frankfurt
      To: Bratislava
      New Year in Bratislava!! It sounds great :) +Read More
      • 3 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler / Hommy Chef

      Arrive: 2017-12-31

      Depart: 2018-01-01

      over 3 years ago

      From: Zalău
      To: Bratislava
      Want to see most interesting points of this city, how locals live +Read More
      • 1 person
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Pub Crawler

      Arrive: 2017-08-26

      Depart: 2017-08-29

      almost 4 years ago

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