Bologna City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Hi everyone! Our tour would be so structured: - We will meet in Piazza Maggiore, which is a big square right in the centre if the city, and walk around from that spot: Bologna is a man- sized town so to visit the city center we won't need to take any bus or taxi. - To begin, I am going to briefly tell you about the history of the town, and how it changed among centuries. (15 min) - Next, we will start walking and we we'll see together those places usually hidden to tourists, as well as the main streets, churches (which are one of Italy's best culture heritage ) and areas. - If the sky is clear, we are going to climb together the Asinelli Tower, which is a medieval tower right in the center of the city, and we we'll enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of bologna from above! (there is no elevator!) - During the tour, I'm going to reveal you the 7 secrets of Bologna as well! Of course, if your interested in any place, museum, spot in particular let me know, and we'll include it in our tour :)
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