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Bologna City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy "Bologna la grassa”, have you ever heard about this "motto”? If yes, probably means that you’re visiting – or you’re planning to do it – the beautiful city of Bologna! Pellegrino Artusi affirmed – on his gastronomic treaty published around the end of 1.800 – that Bologna was the kingdom of taste where anyone couldn't resist: are you ready to experiment its temptations by firsthand? Let Bologna hugs you by its great fame: I will lead you in a swirl of flavors and tastes that you cannot forget. We’ll explorer together the most typical restaurants, trattorie and market that have contributed to give to Bologna the right name of “city where the food losers can find a deep satisfaction in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere”. You’ll feel totally in lost smelling the mortadella flavor, tasting a dish of tortellini in brodo or cotoletta alla Bolognese and drinking a very well-known Sangiovese and Lambrusco wine. And so, what are you waiting for? Let you surprise your sense, lift you a Bologna food experience The tour includes: * the pick-up at the hotel * the walking-guided tour to reach 2 or 3 places to get: aperitif, dinner or lunch and post lunch or dinner (service to arrange by yours availability) * the booking-service * a translator service during all the food experiences (if you prefer get the experience by yourselves no prob!) * an Instagram photographic reportage THE FOODY TOUR DOESN'T INCLUDE: * the meal prices * anything not specified in “the tour includes” OTHER TERMS: * please specify if you travel with pets before booking * please specify if there are people with disabilities in order to arrange the best solution * do you have any allergies or intolerance
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