Lisbon City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Ride a classic car, have fun, smiles & surprises! This car belongs to my family since 1973 (43 years) riding Lisbon downtown hills, I'm the 3rd generation driving it on the same streets :) and as the Time Out Magazine says "Lisboa com Classe" (Lisbon with class). With my 1973's car I'll give you a ride around Lisboa for 3hours of fun as if you were with a local friend, making you a top introduction of my city stoping at diferent and oposite view points so you'll be able to understand and manage it with a lots of tips. We'll finish with a outstanding local pastery and we'll make a toast with a tipical alcohol drink. We can extend this ride for a little extra till the beach area that is 20min away crossing the 25 April Bridge (Golden gate) & passing by Almada for a view point to get all Lisbon from the other side of the river. Let's do it in a "Classic Way"? and get all the local knowledge & best tips for your holidays!
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