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Banyuwangi City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy This tour is suitable for solo traveler or single backpaker, but if you are more than one or in a small group we can arrange it by car with discussing about the plans. Adventuring Ijen Crater is the most favorite destination for many traveler around the world, we will exploring beautiful landscape of mountains Ijen, you can choose between hike in the midle of the night to see BLUEFIRE, its a blueflame phenomena of sulphur caldera which is only one in the world or just enjoy the view on the top of mountain Ijen. Actually we wiil spend aproximately 10 hours. The easiest way to come to Banyuwangi is by train from Yogyakarta, Surabaya or Malang city or by Ferry from Gilimanuk harbour across bali strait from Bali to Ketapang harbour Banyuwangi. You can also go by plane from Surabaya or Jakarta to Blimbingsari Airport. If you need Homestay or accomodation to stay or extend, I will find for you. Beside exploring Ijen crater, you will also have a chance to see local life, i wilk also bring you to enjoying foods & original coffee, taking many pictures of natural view and comunicate with locals. If you interest to do another explore beside Ijen crater, we can discuss it also and make the plans & fix the itynerary so you can take a tour trip too with me.
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