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Johannesburg City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy This is a walking tour about the rich history of Soweto, Orlando East/West where some of the political icons stayed during Apartheid times whilst fighting against the regime. Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Bishop Tutu, Mama Winnie to name a few. The tour will also be full of photography experience where we will be stopping every once in a while to interact with the locals & get the opportunity to take some great pictures. By walking through the streets of Soweto you will also get an idea about the people's lifestyle, local music & nowadays youth culture. We will start at Hector Pieterson Museum where i will tell you about the Soweto uprising. After this we will continue on Vilakazi street where we will see houses of a few Legends & have Kota, a local burger. From there we will head to Orlando East to see the first formal houses of Soweto & learn more about other icons, like the the father of Soweto. After this we will pass by Orlando Stadium which is home to one of our Soweto football giants, the Orlando Pirates. After Orlando Stadium we will take a minibus taxi to see the busiest Market in Soweto, where we will be having our last stop at the Orlando Towers.
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