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Eskişehir City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy We shall start our Eskisehir tour including; Eskisehir Glass Arts Museum after walking around of the museum. We will have sometime for the lunch. After lunch well see factory of meerschaum which is special for Eskisehir. After seeing the factory we go to see the Porsuk river and will have free time in there. The last stop where we go to see the Kursunlu complex to get information about it after transfer back to the hotel. Eskisehir Contempory Glass Arts Museum; 42 glass artists are on display in the museum's works. Glass Art Muzesi Odunpazari homes Date given to the Metropolitan Municipality of Eskisehir again by the Houses of Odunpazari between the first and only building in the City Museum Complex, "Contemporary Glass Art Museum opened with a ceremony attended by many guests. Approximately 50 works of contemporary glass artists in the domestic and foreign museums Metropolitan Municipality, was created in cooperation with the Group of Friends of Anadolu University and Glass Eskisehir; Well see factory of meerschaum which is special for Eskisehir. Free time for near Porsuk River. The Porsuk River also Kocasu-Porsuk River (Turkish: Porsuk Cayi, Kocasu-Porsuk Cayi) is a Turkish river, that flows for 448 km. The city of Eskisehir is sited on the banks of this river. The river is dammed by the Porsuk I dam and Porsuk II dam forming large reservoirs. If you want your guide will accompany you to show the best views and points of the river. Kursunlu Complex (Mosque, Caravanserai and Madrasa) South of Eskisehir, Up in the Neighborhood Market Wood Leaded Kulliye, Angela Molana Ghazi Suleiman the Magnificent the Ottoman vizier Mustafa Pasha built in 1525. Lead in lead-covered dome of the mosque because it was known as. Inscription on the work of Mimar Sinan Mosque olduiu written. However, giving a list of the works of Mimar Sinan Architecture in Tuhfetu'l-kulleyenin kervansarayinin name is written only. As well as the construction of the mosque community guest house, dining hall, kitchen, a caravanserai and Elementary for the school occurred. Mosque is undergoing repairs at various times been transformed into a museum in 1966.
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