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Arusha City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Morombo is a small market located a bit outside of Arusha Town where people go buy barbeque goat meat and eat at the same place.  The meat is made out of nice flavour with locals Chef from different small street food restaurant in Morombo. You will take a local public transport (Kifodi) or hire a small Bajaj (Motorcycle with 3 Tyre) and for about 10 minutes you will be arriving at the market from the city centre of Arusha. Once arrived we will find our favourite spot and seat waiting for a meat to be ready, you can take the time to experience how they make it and after 20 minutes the meat will be ready. Then we will enjoy our meat with aside Swahili local dish, eg. Ugali or Fried Banana together with a local drink. After finish eating, we will take a walk around the market while getting a short history of the place and visit the local residency where you can see the daily life of people from Arusha, Morombo. After that, we will take the local minibus to the city centre which will mark the end of our tour and you will have the best memories of Arusha.
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