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Huế City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Around 9h00, our motorbike team will pick you up at the hotel. Begin our Hue Cooking Class Tour with memorial group photo at the designated meeting place. Seat behind your rider and ready for new experience, free your hands along zigzag road leading to the quiet countryside of Hue to capture the magnificent images of the green fields and flock of ducks swimming on river making a picturesque scene of the Vietnam countryside. Upon arrival at Thanh Toan village, you have time to stop by a Communal House, Ngo & Tran family chapels for taking photos. Arrive at our “Thanh Toan Eco home”, take a short rest and enjoy our welcome drink, stroll around the village, visit local market to well – understand the daily life of people here, contemplate Thanh Toan Tiled roof Bridge – a truly unique ancient bridge in Vietnam, and Agricultural tools Museum with a wide variety of agricultural and aquacultural tools exhibited to explain the details of Vietnamese life and culture. Get back to our “Eco Home” where you can learn how local farmers grow the vegetables such as amaranth, basella alba, gourd, fiber melon…and experience some farming activities together with them. Then join cooking class to learn three famous dishes of Hue (fig mixed shrimp and pork, pancake, spring roll) with our chef. Learn the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Hue specialties. After the lesson, enjoy what you have just cooked and some other dishes of restaurant to fully pack your stomach. Drive back to your hotel, end of your day trip with cooking class. Thank you and See you again!
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