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Changchun City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Changchun, my hometown, sits in the hinterlands of the Song Liao plain of Northeast China. It is the capital city of Jilin Province. Here is the most fertile soil in China. When you are walking on this modern and civilized city, you cannot fail to feel the vitality and prosperity of this city. Except for the energetic land, The First Automobile works is the cradle of automobile industry in China, Changchun is called the city on wheels. Changchun is still famous for her tourism. Changchun Century Movie City is located in Tourism Economic Development Zone of Changchun Jingyue Pool. It is the world-class movie amusement park in China. It still enjoys great reputation for culture. There are not only rich varieties of modern entertainment facilities, but also some special entertainment items only for Changchun, such as Yangge Dance and Errenzhuan, which is a song-and-dance duet in the Northeast of China. If you have the opportunity of doing some sightseeing in Changchun, I recommend you to taste my hometown’s specialties. There are two kinds of famous dishes in Northeast China: Stewed young chicken with mushroom and Stewed Pork with Vermicelli.
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