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Cotacachi City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy You get to help set the tone for this tour. The standard tour includes walking the main streets of Cotacachi to see both parks, the two Catholic churches (if they're open), the museum, mercado (open air market), and the best of the restaurants and coffee shops. We can stop for a beverage or a meal (cost not included in the tour) and/or include/delete other places at your pleasure. There's an optional add-on of going up to Laguna Cuicocha (a famous caldera just west of town) with or without the little boat trip. The cost of the taxi and boat trip are not included in the tour but are quite reasonable. Each additional hour is $5 per person. If someone in the group is handicapped, I can adjust possible locations that are not suitable. There are several places where pets will not be allowed but we can adjust to meet those needs as well. Just be aware that it won't be quite the same experience. Transportation to/from the airport can be arranged for $70 each way for up to four people. Assistance setting up hotel accommodations are also possible. Just let me know and we can discuss all of these and other options.
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