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Davao City City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy I'll pick you up, we'll have locally brewed Davao coffee and Filipino brunch which I can cook for you guys. First, a quick tour to the city cultural museum, then from the crocodile garden, trampoline playground, zipline, to the white sand beaches of Samal Island, to the most-recommended local eateries featuring dishes of beef broth, to the best burgers in town, to dog and cat cafes, to blind body massage, rice desserts, durian fruit, and local street food in Roxas night market! Davao is truly amazing. It has captured the authentic Filipino, not-so commercialized vibe. Theres less traffic here, it's so safe even for girls like me to walk 3am at dawn! it's way cheaper riding the jeepney, but taxi drivers are real nice and honest too!
Davao City
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