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Sofia City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Let me show you the best of Sofia! The tour consists of two parts - walking tour and visiting a unique restaurant/bar. The meeting point will be in the heart of the city center and during the tour you will be able to see the main churches, the mosque and the synagogye, Soviet architecture and many more interesting places. I believe that sightseeing should be combined with eating and socializing, so after the tour we will visit one restaurant/bar. You will be able to choose between: 1. Rooftopbar/rastaurant - place with a nice view 2. Traditional Bulgatian restaurant 3. Alternative/undergraund/,,hidden,, places/bars in Sofia We will not be able to visit all these places, but i will give you info about all of them and also recommend you a lot of good places in Sofia! I can also give you recommendations about visiting another sights in Bulgaria (monastries, mountains, unique caves) I know my country very good and will be happy to show it to you!)
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