Tokyo City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Interested in traditional / contemporary art/culture/entertainment in Japan? I am an contemporary artist and translator, so I can guide you any artistic places you are interested in! Please let me know your plan/request so I can customize the plan from 1 hour~ whole day. ★You can customize -Guide hours -Price -Place / Activities ★Other miscellaneous fee such as -transportation fee -ticket fee (museums, theatres and other facilities) -meals are not included in the designated guide fee. We can discuss more details according to your requests. ★Translation is English/Japanese only. ★I shall not take any responsibilities for any troubles/accidents/injuries/ills/delays that happen due to natural disasters, customer's deeds or other inevitable factors during the guide hours. Looking forward to seeing you :) !
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      From: Brisbane City
      To: Tokyo
      I am visiting Tokyo to watch the Rugby but also visiting the sights I missed out last trip on because of a Typhoon hitting Tokyo when I was there. +Read More
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      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler

      Arrive: 2017-10-03

      Depart: 2017-10-10

      2 months ago

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