Bangkok City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy For this tour I will take you to "Klong Lat Mayom" floating market. You will be tasting different flavorful Thai food and also having a boat trip along the canal for only 100 baht! I will pick you up at your hotel and then we will take a taxi together to the market (Taxi ride is complimentary). When we get there you can explore the market and I'll be explaining different kinds of Thai food, you'll also get to taste some food from different stores, then you can choose what you want to eat for lunch. After that we will go on the boat trip to see the lifestyle of people living by the canal! After the trip I'll get you the taxi and take you to your next destination / your hotel and that would be the end of our trip. If you're interested, have any questions, or want to adjust the tour, please contact me. I'll be anticipating to create a fun trip for you! :D *Please note that the transportation is complimentary but food is at your own expense, anyway I can recommend you delicious food **The payment will be paid cash only on the day of the tour
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      From: Davao City
      To: Bangkok
      It's my first time in Bangkok, so I'll really love to have the chance and explore the must-see's as well as the local experience! +Read More
      • 4 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker

      Arrive: 2017-08-12

      Depart: 2017-08-16

      12 days ago

      From: Perkasie
      To: Bangkok
      First time in Bangkok, this is a family trip. +Read More
      • 3 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler / Hommy Chef

      Arrive: 2017-12-21

      Depart: 2017-12-28

      27 days ago

      From: Everett
      To: Bangkok
      Fun and good conversation +Read More
      • 2 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy

      Arrive: 2017-08-22

      Depart: 2017-08-24

      29 days ago

      From: Montreal
      To: Bangkok
      We're open minded! We want to experience more of Bangkok's culture, food and traditions, new and modern! +Read More
      • 2 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler / Hommy Chef

      Arrive: 2017-06-18

      Depart: 2017-06-20

      (Dates are flexible)

      about 1 month ago

      From: Izmir
      To: Bangkok
      We will have 2 persons from the 22 - 24. 4 persons from the 25- 27. +Read More
      • 4 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Hommy Chef

      Arrive: 2017-06-22

      Depart: 2017-06-27

      (Dates are flexible)

      about 2 months ago

      From: Raleigh
      To: Bangkok
      Local experience and must see places in Bangkok. +Read More
      • 2 people
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker

      Arrive: 2017-05-18

      Depart: 2017-05-20

      3 months ago

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