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Groningen City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy A 2-3 hour introduction to this small, friendly city, this tour covers the highlights: --the beautifully-restored train station --the post-modern Groninger Museum (tour does not include visiting the museum, just looking at the landmark post-modern architecture) --the Folkingestraat, with its traces of the Jewish community that lived here before the war, now a charming shopping street --at least one almshouse (more if you're interested), where the poor, ill, or widowed were cared for in the Middle Ages. --two medieval period churches --the oldest building in town --some typical Dutch charm: a canal lined with old warehouses and, if you're lucky, a few canal boats --a market (depending on the day) --the Martinitoren, which you can climb for a couple of euros extra to see the view of the city. --if it's the right time of year, a lovely rose garden with an antique clock. --the stunning university building (Academiegebouw) ... and more details along the way, like the red-light district and a famous urinal. Guided by an expat American who's lived in Groningen for 20 years, you'll get an insider's view into life in the city.
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