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New York City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Top Brand Name Stores at Discounted & Tax Free Prices - Easy & Convenient Shopping Tour Experience As visitors to New York City area, I will make sure my guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a quality experience that will consist of safely traveling to, touring, and shopping at one of the most popular outlet shopping malls within the New York City metropolitan area. Unlike many other shopping experiences in New York City, my experience will stand out by providing guests a safe, convenient, and secure way to travel to, tour, and enjoy an outlet mall shopping experience while my guests take advantage of highly discounted and tax free prices on the items that they may wish to purchase and take back home. My experience will stand out since I will not take my guests to the usual retail stores that everyone in the city goes to and pays high prices on the items purchased. To make the experience even easier for my international guests, I will make sure to also provide complimentary English translation services since I can speak multiple languages.
New York
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Travelers Coming to New York

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      From: Alexandria
      To: New York
      I planned this trip to New York all by myself to get away for a while , looking forward to meet you +Read More
      • 1 person
      • Looking for: Local Guddy / Food Walker / Pub Crawler / Hommy Chef

      Arrive: 2017-08-01

      Depart: 2017-08-30

      (Dates are flexible)

      about 4 years ago

      From: Toronto
      To: New York
      I am coming to New York to visit a friend.. But she will not have so much time since she works on weekends. So It would be nice if someone could show me around :) +Read More
      • 1 person
      • Looking for: Local Guddy

      Arrive: 2016-12-23

      Depart: 2016-12-27

      almost 5 years ago

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