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Nerja City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Sometimes it’s difficult to know what our body needs our hectic lives and busy schedules leave little time for relaxation and refection. One of the magical aspects of healing energy that I really love is that it naturally finds it’s own way to where it is needed. Healing does not require you to have any specific religious or spiritual beliefs, just an open mind and a willingness to relax and be open to all outcomes. Everyone benefits from Healing in some way or another, but as an individual you will respond in your own way. It helps if you are relaxed and comfortable with your healer and receptive to the healing energy. These sessions are tailored to suit the client through a combination of their input and my own intuitive guidance. It may include Hawaiian healing techniques like ho’opnopono, kahi loa and lau lima – Hawaiian style hands on healing. I am a Reiki Master and use Usui and Sechim systems as well as the Hawaiian inspired Huna and Hawaiian Trinity Reiki. I have also trained with the Svet Center whose approach is that of controlling reality through mind, soul and consciousness. They use simple and powerful techniques that the client can also learn and use for themselves at home. Their methods are based on the work of of Arcady Petrov and Grigori Grabovoi and although these teachings are Russian in origin they are very much in alignment with Hawaiian philosophy and thinking.
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Check out city tours, food walkers, pub crawlers or hommy chefs. Discover the city in the honest way and make friends.

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      From: Dublin
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      Just looking to learn about the area, and if possible get holistic treatments +Read More
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      Arrive: 2017-10-21

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