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Assisi City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy Assisi is the heart of Umbria , alive , beating and full of Gastronomic culture . In the land of wild boar and truffles , in the country of pasta and pizza many recipies are still yet to be discovered. Flavoured tastes and old recipes embraces trend. Discover the recipes in the heart of Italy , it doesn't matter if you a foodie or a gourmand as long as you want to experience new things , feel free to come on board the top tastes train. We will explore pasta recipes , local selected meats , unique artisanal beer , amazing family made wine , alternative trends like artisanl hamburgers and local made beer. Assisi is rich in it's land as it is in it's cusine as it is in it's culture . And Last but not least THE PIZZA , flavoured with free to choose ingredients .
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Check out city tours, food walkers, pub crawlers or hommy chefs. Discover the city in the honest way and make friends.

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