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Karuizawa City Tours and Local Experiences from Local Guddy I am an American, living in Japan for 23 years, and love my little town. It is unique, international, beautiful, and has something for every taste. It is so exciting living here. I have met people from numerous countries, from every race, religion, and speaking numerous languages. Two Olympics have been held here, the 1964 Summer Olympics and the 1998 Winter Olympics. We have beautiful Waterfalls, sightseeing spots, a huge shopping/outlet mall, restaurants with foods from many areas of the world, plenty of hotels, and our beloved volcano, Mount Asama. I can meet visitors at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, or Tokyo Train Station to guide you into Karuizawa (about one hour from Tokyo on the Shinkansen, bullet train). If you wish to practice English or Japanese with me, that is also fine. My English is native level. My Japanese is at the "I can get by" level. Timing of tours is flexible, depending upon your wishes. Foods/drinks are dependent upon your choices and budget. The information listed below is for a sightseeing tour to the famous spots in Karuizawa. I look forward to sharing my little town with the world!
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