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Where To Go In Spring

by Ahmet Salih Palamut

This blog is about, where you should visit in spring… Traveling to unknown cities is always great but some cities have a perfect time to visit. When you visit these cities at this special season you will have much better experience than you could have in other seasons.

1- Kyoto - Japan

I can say that Japan is the best place to visit in spring. You ask why? Because you can see the real nature of Japan. You will witness one of the most beautiful views of your life. I highly recommend you to spend at least 2 weeks in Japan. Each city has its own beauty.

2- Dubai - United Arab Emirates

If someone says that you should visit Dubai in Summer, just walk away. It would be the worst thing you could do ever. Do not go to Dubai in summer. Visit Dubai in spring, you can do many activities like scuba diving or skydiving in Dubai.

3- Amsterdam - The Netherlands

You will love Amsterdam because of its brick buildings, open skyline, and rich history. Amsterdam has so much to do that after so many visits. Canals, bicycle tours, shopping streets and of course Coffee shops!

4- Giza - Egypt

Seeing Great Pyramid is in every traveler’s to-do list. You should see Great Pyramid before you die. The weather will be convenient to visit in spring. Just to remind you, climbing the pyramids is illegal :)

5- Prague - Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. It is one of the most vivid cities in Europe. There are many spots to visit, from Charles Bridge, Castle District, The Old Town & Prague Astronomical Clock to Karlovy Vary. Don't miss the opportunity to join an international party in Prague!

6- Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is such an awesome city where you can see all major attractions by walking or on a bike. You can see many historical places and museums in the city. In this city, instead of having hop on and hop off bus tour, you can take a boat tour. How cool does it sound? :)

So, did you decide where you are going to go in spring? Great! Then it is time to find a local to show you around and help you discover hidden gems of the city! Go to the homepage and search the city!