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by Vefa Çınar

Hello folks, here's my list of the top things to do as a local in Amsterdam. One of my best cities to travel in Europe

1- Windmills Tour

This tour will bring you back in the past to discover the first type of “industries”. You will visit the famous and authentic Dutch Windmill Village, where you can admire the wonderful green nature of the Amsterdam Countryside, a wooden shoe factory, a small and traditional chocolate shop, a bakery and many other attractions. Check out this Windmills Tour

2- Amsterdam Light Festival

Every year, artists from all over the world showcase their best works at the Amsterdam Light Festival. It is a very special event full of amazing colorful creations. Festival takes place from December to January evey year. Check out this Amsterdam Light Festival Walking Tour

3- Get Lost in The Jordaan Neighborhood

Jordaan is Amsterdam’s most famous and charming neighborhood. You will feel like stepping back in time, while wandering into the Jordaan. It is created for working class area, but now Jordaan’s narrow streets and quaint buildings make up one of most desirable quarters, art galleries, antiques shops, courtyard gardens and atmospheric bars and restaurants.

4- WesterGasfabriek

WesterGasfabriek is an old gasworks factory which is turned cultural venue in the Westerpark neighborhood. There are TV studios, a huge park with daily activities and concerts a few times in a year. However, the most beautiful thing is local food and craft market on the first Sunday of every month. Go to the WesterGasfabriek and take your pick of the delicious food.

5- Canal Cruise

Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected canal belt was created in the 17th century to keep the at bay. The best way to get under the fabric of the city is floating along the canals by a guided boat tour. By this way, you will learn lots of interesting things about the city, such as why the tilting houses called “dancing houses”. Also, you can have a boat trip at night with food and wine as a romantic atmosphere.

6- The Red Light District

The Red Light District is one of the most famous Amsterdam highlight and very well-known around the world. You may hear good and bad things about it, but the best way to learn whether it is good or bad is visit yourself. It’s located at the Central Situation which is the oldest part of the city. You will see gorgeous buldings and lots of antique places there.

7- De Roode Leeuw

De Roode Leeuw, which serves trational Dutch food with its perfect atmosphere, is a favourite spot for dinner. The restaurant is a part of an upmarket hotel just off Dam Square. As you can think, prices are a bit high. But if you have enough money, you may want to have fine Dutch food with dark wood paneling, plush red upholstery.

8- Nine Little Streets (De Negen Straatjes)

As you can understand from the name, Nine Little Streets, covers an area with small nine charming streets, some canal bridges views and boutiques, cafes and restaurants. When you see this little neighborhood, you will say that this place is the most beautiful and lively neighborhood in the city. You can find everything in this area.

9- Non-touristic Coffee Shops and Clubs

Another famous thing about Amsterdam is coffee shops. You will feel at least half Dutch when it comes to drinking, going bars and coffee shops and raving with the best of the music. Stay away from touristic places and experience Amsterdam as a local. You may want to try good coffee shops and not be pay high prices as a tourist. That’s why discover local places. Check out locals guides who can show the best local Coffee shops

10- “The Movies” Cinema

“The Movies”, which started in 1912, is the oldest cinema in Amsterdam. It is designed with an art-deco touch that brings you back to old times. “The Movies” also has a restaurant and a bar with cool atmosphere. You can eat and drink while you are watching movies. And the coolest think is that you can rent a four-screen room for your private movie party.