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Top five best cafes in austria


by Kaylene Wappel

Austrians love cafes, always have and always will. After going into a couple of cafes, in Austria, one realizes that not all cafes are created equal. Some on this list are in nature and others historic hot spots. This is my top five list of places that anyone would enjoy some coffee. What would surprise some people are there many great places throughout Austria to go to a cafe. The most memorable places on this list are not even in Vienna! Enjoy the company you keep, coffee and surroundings.

“Coffee is a language in itself” -Jackie Chan


Address: Nummer, 7 Berghaus, 2734 Hochschneeberg.

Created in 1898 this is my all time favorite place to get a cup of joe anywhere in the world; not just Austria. Is Schneeburg (Snow Mountain), in Lower Austria, is the highest mountain, the cafe is 1000 meters high! You can take the train, hike or climb. Have your coffee outside where you can look out the countryside. Inside, this cafe has plenty of Austrian memorabilia to look around at. Outside there are many hikes to do depending on the time and hikers level. Anything from twenty minutes to three hours. The history of this place is well documented outside on a short walk around markers.


Address: Burgenland, Hauptstraße 18, 7071.

Rust the city has a population of 1,900 people and borders Hungry. The best parts of this region are good weather and wine. Strawberries grow all over the place. Walking around this city is like walking through a rose garden. Everywhere you turn is a beauty. The cafe we stumbled across is Art Cafe. Just as the name promises there is art all over this place. Unlike other cafes, this is a quite place. It feels very tranquil and serene. My daughter is three months; children are welcome. Although, I would not bring a toddler to this place.


Address: Melinda Esterhazy-Platz 1, 7212 Forchtenstein.

A cafe inside Forchenstein castle. That is enough reason to take in a cup of coffee here. The castle was built in the 13th century above the Rosalia hills during the Turkish wars. The views outside of this cafe are breathtaking. According to Esterhazy.at “The Cafe was designed to show the authentic atmosphere”.


Address: Innerer Burghof 1, 1010 Wien.

The oldest cafe in Vienna and on this list. This cafe is located in Imperial Palace and started in the 13th century. This cafe is located next to Sisi Museum. The courtyard where the cafe is located; a person feels small. With only one statue in the center, it is created by stone with a calm atmosphere away from the bustling city that surrounds it.

5- Mozart Cafe Bellaire Restaurant

Address: Albertinaplatz 2, 1010 Wien

The location of this cafe is in the museum district. This is a nice place to go after visiting museums or waiting for a bus tour. It is a very tourist cafe with many famous people that visit here, including Barack Obama. This cafe has been around since 1794, three years after Mozart died. Enjoy the delicious cakes that are served here.

All of these cafes, mention above, are kid friendly and I brought my daughter to all of them. I do not believe that having children does not mean avoiding beautiful places. In fact, it makes me want to visit places more so she knows what is like. I hope you enjoy this Top five cafes in Austria.


Kaylene Wapple, stay-at-home mother, traveler and Blogger at movingmotherhood.com. Currently, resides in Austria and is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Colorado, USA.

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