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by Emre Fidan


Not only for Christmas, but also for an ordinary trip, Paris is undoubtly one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Thanks to its beautiful and particular activities, Paris calls upon visitors for an unprecedented Christmas celebration. Restaurants have special Christmas menus that are filled with the bounty of the season — fresh oysters from Brittany, foie gras, truffles, chestnuts and champagne. Vivacious places and streets of Paris Where lights never turn off, and entertainment and celebration never ends during Christmas attract many travelers. You can consider visitin Paris for an unforgettable Christmas.


For the ones who want to explore the beautiful capital city of Germany, Christmas is a good time to go on a journey to Berlin. The German people know how to celebrate Christmas, therefore it is possible to see vivacious shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and people of Berlin. The city offers many awesome tastes such as a cup of white chocolate-milk, famous German chocolate, a bite of a fried apple or special cheeses, and great drinks like weiss beer and mulled wine.Berlin's christmas markets worth to see as well.


London offers visitors lots of Christmas shoppings and markets as well as ice skating rinks, Winter Wonderland festive events for the deadless Christmas memories. To make great Christmas memories, go on a journey to London to see the world’s most famous tree in Trafalgar Square, visit Kensignton Palace to celebrate Christmas with the people coming from all around the world. London is a great place for ice skating as well. Get your skates on at Somerset House’s historical courtyard ice rink to have fun at Christmas.


Barcelona has many offers to do during Christmas including Christmas festivals, concerts, circuses and so on. People in Barcelona know how to enjoy the Christmas and the streets are always crowded with young people. The festivals start on the 25th of December and last until the 5th of January. Barcelona's central square Plaça de Catalunya hosts a Christmas festival with many family activities and many shows to celebrate Christmas. Lights are always on and you can see christmas tree everywheres. There is also a wish-fulfilling tree that people leave their messages at Christmas. Your wishes might come true in Barcelona, who knows? ;)


Rio de Janeiro is a great destination with its beautiful surroundings and sandy beaches. The city attracts the travelers from all around the world every year during christmas. The entertainment never ends during Christmas. Christmas festivals and parties start with the lighting of Lagoa Christmas tree and thousands attend the festivals and eat delicious Brazilian foods. The best thing is that these festivals have no charge for entrance. If you have been dreaming visiting Rio de Janeiro, Christmas might be a good time for your journey.


On the streets, you can see christmas trees and christmas ships which are the symbols of Greek custom. Streets are are full of people especially the youth during Christmas celebrations. The meal of brotherhood is another Greek custom in which people gather together and eat meals to celebrate Christmas. It would be the best time to visit Atina if you are interested in learning about Greek culture and live like them during christmas.


Without a doubt, New York is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. For Christmas, it offers endless entertainment and unforgettable memories in the vivid streets decked out with Christmas lights and trees. New York has great Christmas markets where you can purchase gifts for your friends and family. There are lots of parties and festivals that millions of people join at Christmas, New York offers


Istanbul is a great destination that attracts the attention of many travelers at Christmas. The places like Istiklal Street, Taksim and Kadikoy are the places where thousands of people gather together and celebrate Christmas on the streets and at pubs. Streets are always full of people and you can meet new people randomly on istiklal street. There are great concerts given by famous Turkish singers as well as foreign singers in many places in Istanbul. When the time is 00:00, you can see the fireworks over the Bosporus. Istanbul calls upon travelers to have an unforgettable Christmas on the marvelous streets and at places of Istanbul.


Rome which welcomes travelers with its historical and beautiful surroundings is another great destination to spend Christmas. There are many things to do in Rome that make you have an unforgettable Christmas memories. What people can do varies from street parties, festivals and concerts to ice skating. Saint Peter’s Christmas tree known as the mother of all Christmas trees and it is located in Saint Peter’s square. There are also cool Christmas markets in Rome where you can purchase great items.


For the ones who would like to go on a journey to Amsterdam, Christmas is the perfect time where you can find many cool things to do. The city is always shiny and crowded during the celebrations. You can also see fireworks at midnight. There are hundreds of parties and club taking place in Amsterdam. So definitely you will find something to do during christmas in Amsterdam!