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Localguddy experience


by Anand Patel

"I was quite excited on my first trip to Europe. Most of the cities in Europe have an old history that are waiting to be discovered. The magnificent architecture attracts you. Knowing about the history of the places can be count as an adventure itself. "

For the first time, I booked a guided tour from Local Guddy. The cities I've chosen for a tour were Paris & Barcelona. Paris is a very romantic city and also a historical one. The stories behind the city are fascinating. My guide's name was Lucien and he explained me everything in depth. He had a great knowledge about the places that we visited. It was pretty nice to know about the history of the place. It somehow attaches you to the city. After knowing about the history one tend to enjoy the place more and also starts imagining the characters involved in the stories. I loved the story behind Notre dam Church in Paris. My guide also helped me to discover a few places which are must visit locations during the tour of Paris. With his help, I explored the city with ease. Also, some of his suggestions were remarkable. This was my first experience with Local Guddy and I thoroughly loved the experience.

Here is the link to the tour: Paris Walking Tour

While the tour I had in Paris was historical, the one in Barcelona was a city type. Barcelona was kind of a beehive in every street, and every corner has its own charm. There are streets in the cities; however, after visiting Barcelona I felt there is a city in the streets. Ana, my guide make sure that I witnessed each corner and the architecture in a unique way. She also made me visit an art gallery which showcases some of the best artwork but is little known by the tourists. But, I was able to discover that because of her. Guides are not only helpful in traveling, they also help in discovering places which are hardly known by the travelers.

Here is the link to the tour: Barcelona Art Tour

All in all, I was satisfied with the experience with Local Guddy. I will try to book a guide through Local Guddy while traveling to my next destination to see the hidden gems, cafes, arts, pubs, foods etc of the city through the eyes of locals.

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