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5 reasons to study in abroad


by Emre Semercioğlu

Europe has proven to be the platform for many innovation and developments throughout the years, and this is why every year 1.4 million per year move to Europe to study and get a great start to their adult lives in the most vibrant part of the world.


The main motivation for studying in Europe is the opportunity you get to discover the world. You will come across new cultures and traditions, which will contribute a lot to the person who you will become. These cultures and traditions are all beautiful in their own way and will give you so much insight to different mentalities. Europe is a combination of 50 countries, cultures and thousands of traditions so be prepared to open your mind and take everything you can in from the experience.


Europe is home to some of the world’s most famous school and universities. Each one of them offers a wide range of courses and specialisations, which you can easily read about on their websites. Again, culture has very much to do with the way the education system is structured in each country, some being more theory orientated and other more practical. Choosing the right establishment is very important, as it will contribute a lot to you experience as a whole.


To be able to truly learn a language there is nothing better than actually living in the country itself. You will be immersed straight away and your ‘survival mode’ will be automatically triggered at which point your learning skills will be optimized. Culture plays a big role for this as well, as each one of them has their own way of expressing themselves and a big part of learning a language is sentence structure and understanding how to address one another.


When you complete your abroad program and return home, you will come back with another viewpoint on culture, language attitudes, a great education and an enhanced ability to learn. In some cases you love your host nation so much that you choose to look for work there, whether you decide to do this or to return to your home country, many studies have shown that 60% of employers are looking to hire people who have a good understanding of culture or have experienced many different cultures.


There is nothing like being alone outside of your home country. You may find that being on your own abroad truly brings out your independent self. People who go abroad develop their curiosity and excitement towards learning about their new home and slowly become explorers. Once you have become this person you will see a radical change in your persona; you will feel a personal motivation of getting rid of all your bad habits and vibes around you, you will be much more aware of what you want or don’t want and who is important in your life. But you will also start to enjoy the feeling of challenging yourself which you have done through travelling and going abroad alone but this is a skill which many employers will perceive you and will like as it is very easily applicable to your work life.

Overall studying abroad, and especially in Europe will bring you both personal and professional advantages. In this point in history we are lucky enough to have millions of options for all budgets and needs which make it so much easier to go abroad and it is definitely a plus to do so.

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