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Venice cover

10 Local Things to Do in Venice

by Cem Cansever

1. Get A Trip In A Gondola

Without getting a trip in a gondola, you should not turn back from Venice. Go under from bridges, take a romantic or enjoyable gondola trip and take lots of pictures. You will not forget this experience during your life.

2. Venice Food Tour

Venice has a food culture unique in the world. On this walk, you will get to the heart of the city through its food traditions. Start to eat as Venetians. You will learn the meanings of important food and drink words as “bacaro”, “cicheti”, “ombra”, “spritz”.

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3. Contemporary Art

Venice has a contemporary art scene which lives up to its glorious art history. 20th century masters’ “The Guggenheim Collection” is the city’s third most visited attraction. And also, 89 nations sent works by 136 artists to Venice Biennale, world’s biggest and longest running artistic extravaganza which takes place every two years.

4. Bacaro Tour

Join a bacaro tour and do as Venetians do. Decide a walking tour and keep moving from bar to bar. Enjoy walking, talking, drinking and eating. You can choose Al Merca, Al Timon and Da Lele to go and enjoy as a Venetians.

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5. Hidden and Secrets Gems of Venice

This city walk want to show you hidden gems and secrets corners of Venice. If you love movies, you will see where Indiana Jones traces clues about the Holy Grail in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. If you love art, you will see the artistic district of Dorsoduro.

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6. Colorful Burano

Burano is a small fishermen island which has colorful buildings. These fascinating colors reflect on the water and seem amazing. When you go there, you must eat fish and enjoy the beautiful view.

7. Venice From Roof Tops, The Altana Experience

Altana are often situated on fine columns of bricks but the rest always seems very fragile. Often full of flowers with some chair and a table, an Altana is a great place to enjoy the view of Venice at sunset, to have your Spritz like locals, to spend some romantic time with your love, or just chill after a long tour in Venice to reflect on the beautiful experience of the day.

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8. Striking View of San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore was designed by the famous architect Palladio. You can get on the top of its tower to get a stunning view using a lift. Lift Beautiful panorama of the famous Venetian skyline across the water will open your eyes.

9. The Beach of Venice

Lido di Venezia is a little and characteristic island of Venice. The beach hosts Venetian people and the International Festival of the Cinema. You can find different beaches here and have a relaxing day. If you like, you can also take a bike and ride along the cycle line.

10. Experience Vivaldi

For many people, experiencing Vivaldi is a must in Venice. The orchestra of La Fenice, which is the best in the country, has two concert seasons a year at the Teatro Malibran. Catch one of the seasons, take your ticket and enjoy the music.