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10 Local Things to Do in Rome

by Umut Çakmak

1. Piazzo Vittorio Emanuele “Old and New”

Just behind the Colosseum and five-minute walk from Termini Central Station, there is a nice district call “Piazza Vittorio Emanuele” it’s multicultural, friendly, open mind, where every race from all over the world live in one piece.

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2. Best Irish Pubs in Town

If you are looking to most amazing Irish pubs in Rome, there are some options: Trinity College, Abbey Theater, Scholars Lounge… Go one of them and try delicious fish and chips, Guinness and some Tex-Mex in the mix.

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3. Contemporary Art and Testaccio District

MACRO Testaccio is located in the same complex that was a slaughterhouse during the 19th century to stand out for the richness and variety of its cultural and artistic events, mainly targeted to young people. Today, the district of Testaccio is an open-air museum, crossing it is a trip that embraces all epochs, from the Emporium remains of Rome to the Fascist era construction.

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4. Vatican Tour

Explore Vatikan which has been at the heart of the catholic church for 2000 years. Vatican walking tour enables to skip the lines with fast-track entry tickets and discover without delay Vatican’s landmark sites: Saint Peter’s Square, Saint Peter’s Basilica, The Sistine Chapel… Your guide will explain the history of these legendary places and will also show you the lesser-known sites, while explaining the secrets of the Holy See.

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5. Frascati Local Wine&Food

Frascati is located on the Alban Hills and famous for its white wine. The flora of the area is quite interesting with chestnut forests, palm trees, vineyards and gardens. One of the favorite features of Frascati is Miss Poppea, the three-breasted woman. She has two breasts for milk and one for wine. You can also find really good local food and wine in Frascati. Enjoy good tasted

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6. Street Art in Ostiense

You might be surprised when you see street art on almost every corner in Rome. There are several districts where you can find awesome street art pieces. Ostiense is one of these great areas for finding street art.

7. Unusually Surreal House of The Owls

Finding something odd, unusual and complete surreal can be the best thing in a travel. “House of the Owls” (Casina delle Civette) is one of the things that is a surreal and unexpected sight within the small grounds of the neo-classical villa it shares space with.

8. Pasta Making Workshop

Pasta making workshop is one of the local things to do in Rome. Making pasta is not a hard thing, only you need a few ingredients. But when it comes to sauce part, things change. Your host will help you in learning what flavors you should combine, which herbs work best for some dishes. You will learn different recipes and then you can play with them.

9. San Lorenzo District

The Lorenzo District is Rome’s one of up-and-coming districts. Locals love its bohemian vibe and trendy underground bars. However, do not forget that this district is not for everyone. Its art has a more controversial side to it, but if you go to more hipsterish type of places, then you will live it.

10. Municipal Rose Garden

Municipal Rose Garden is the most romantic and peaceful place in Rome where young Roman lovers head to. Keep in mind to take photo in this lovely place. While walking around the park you will also take in the intoxicating aromas of the 1100 different rose varieties.