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10 Local Things to Do in Milan

by Vefa Çınar

1. Pizza Night

Pizza night is a dinner tour to a very good napoletan pizza restaurant that is middle cost. It is perfect for people that would like to enjoy best napoletan pizza in Milan without spending high amounts.

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2. Calamita Cosmica

“Calamita Cosmica” or “Cosmic Magnet”, the giant skeleton sculpture, first displayed in Milan’s Palazzo Reale in 2007. It is 28 meters long and its weight is 8 tons. The sculpture is just much larger than a standart human skeleton and except its noise, all parts are accurate looking.

3. Learn Every Corner of Milan

Best way to get to know a city is walking. Firstly, it allows you to learn the streets and second cause is that it helps you in a faster way to see all famous places. The walk tour will include visit to Navigli, Stazione Cadorna, Castello Sforzesco, Duomo, Teatro alla Scalla, Porta Venezia, Garibaldi, Cimeterio Monumentale.

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4. Enjoy the Art With A Local

There are lots of stunning masterpieces from famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan. Joining a tour with a local is the best way to learn all about these amazing artists and arts. Your guide shows you the most known art works and the more hidden ones which travelers usually don’t get to see.

5. Taste the Best

Have you ever taken a drink served in a tennis shoe? Or in a bath tub? Join the tour to taste a cocktail from a menu that looks like an encyclopedia at one of the best 50 bars of the world located in the heart of Milan.

Check out this "Taste the Best" Tour

6. Navigli District

If you are curious about the charms of the city’s canals, Navigli district is the place you should go. It can be the best place to walk around. There are lots of art galleries, design shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.

7. Learn More About Fashion

If you are interested in fashion, you do not want to go back without seeing Italian fashion trends and the huge fashion industry of course. A themed tour with a local host is the thing you are looking for. Your host will bring you to the heart of designer shops and studios and give you insights about how the city became a fashion capital.

8. Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione was opened in 1888 and designed by architect Emilio Alemagna who wanted to see fascinated green area from the gorgeous house with a panoramşc view. Beside the outdoor sculpture gallery, there is also an aquarium for visitors.

9. Working & Drinking

Santeria is a 500-square-meter multipurpose space. There is a restaurant, a bar, offices, co-working spaces and a shop where you can buy books, records and clothes. It also hosts courses and events. You can go there and while you’re drinking and eating, you will work at the same time in a good atmosphere.

10. Nightlife in Milan

Colonne di San Lorenzo is one of the mspt popular nightlife spot for young people in Milan. Locals go there to drink, play music, have fun until the crack of dawn especially in summer. Colonne di San Lorenzo is also a historical place. You can watch the charm of Basilica di San Lorenzo, while having fun with your friends.