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10 Local Things to Do in Madrid

by Cem Cansever

1. Discover Madrid’s Underground Street Art Style

Dive into Madrid’s hidden and underground street art with a graffiti lover. Discover the most relevant spots related to a cultural movement which brings color to the street. Meet national and international artists who have performed in Madrid’s city center.

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2. San Gines Chocolaterie

San Gines Chocolaterie is one of the best places to go in Madrid to enjoy the local’s favourite breakfast: chocolate and churros. You can go there 7/24, but it’s difficult to find a seat. If you can find a seat, sit and enjoy your chocolate.

3. Paella Cookery Class + Sangria Workshop

Join Paella cooking class in Madrid and discover the secrets of the Spanish traditional cuisine. This interactive, informative and extremely appetizing class will teach you everything you need to know about cooking the perfect Spanish Paella. While your main dish is simmering away in the pan, you will mix your own fresh and fruity jugs of the classic Spanish refreshment to enjoy with your meal.

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4. Malasana Bar Tour Like a Local

In this cool neighborhood, there are some many bars. Go some of them, and try their beers, wines, tapas and choose the best one yourself. And do not forget to enjoy the rooftop terrace views of the bars.

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5. Teatro de la Zarzuela

Zarzuela is a Spanish musical theatre and one of the most interesting things to see in Madrid. Nineteenth century theatre, live instrumentalists, first-rate singers, super staging and reasonable prices are good convincing factors for you. Even you don’t know Spanish, you will enjoy with music, dance, scenery and costumes.

6. El Retiro

When you need a relaxing time during your Madrid tour, El Retino help you with loveliness of eighteenth century palace gardens. Go to the Crystal Palace and its surroundings, where you can sit by the pond and watch the beautiful view.

7. Enjoy A Good Party

The street of Malasana neighborhood is abuzz with nightlife. Bars such as El Penta, La Via Lactea and Tupperware go up to the first lights of the day on weekends with party people.

8. Meet With “El Oso Y El Madrono” and Take a Picture

“The Bear and the Strawberry Tree” sculpture, which is 4 meters high and 20 tonnes of bronze, is the symbol of Madrid and meeting point for most people. Before taking photo with “El Oso Y El Madrono”, don’t leave Madrid.

9. Essential Sights

When you come to Madrid, you must visit at least three essential spots: Plaza Mayor, Puerta de Alcala and Royal Palace. At Plaza Mayor, you can relax with a cup of café con leche. Plaza de la Independencia, which locates at Puerta de Alcala, is an ancient neoclassical style gateway to Madrid and it is at its best at dusk, when lights on its arches. And finally, Royal Palace is the official residence of the Spanish royal family with its spectacular impression.

10. Lavapies

Lavapies is the best place to go for dinner in Madrid. Most of its population is non-Spanish, so you can find any kind of food such as Chinese, Thai, Greek, Senegalese etc. and all serving great food for a little price. Also you can see some great examples of Madrid street art. However, nights are the best with outdoor terraces and bars.