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10 Local Things to Do in Lisbon

by Umut Çakmak

1. Take The Tram 28

One of the Lisbon’s important attraction is taking the Tram 28. Tram 28 is a genuinely vintage, so you will enjoy an authentic experience and feel like a local during your visit in Lisbon. The tram will take you to the most important parts of Lisbon like, Baixa, Graça, Estela, Alfama with a low fare.

2. The Alternative Street Art Experience In Lisbon

If you love modern and alternative art of today, this tour is for you. The tour will start a walk around the city, around Miradouro Graca, Alfama and the Castle, surrounded by street art and the vibe of Lisbon. Then you will see city’s project with 5 artists. Created a boring place to a colorful and stunning place. Do not forget to take photos and enjoy these magic moments. Also, think about why artists draw this art in a different way.

Check out this Alternative Street-Art Experience

3. Drink Portuguese Wine

In the most European countries wine is a must at dinner and this thing does not change in Portugal too. Lisbon offers you various Portuguese wines. From the exclusive “port” to the vinho verde (green wine) which is not named for its color, because of the youth of the wine.

4. Ribeira das Naus

Ribeira is the best place to go if you want to just chill and enjoy the sun. Reading a book can be a good idea while feeling the gentle breeze of the river. Do not forget your hat and some sunscreen cream.

5. Classic Lisboa Ride

Ride a classic car, have fun, smiles and surprises! With a 1973’s car (43 years), take a ride around Lisboa for 3 hours of fun as if you were with a local friend, making you a top introduction of city stopping at different opposite view point, so you’ll be able to understand and manage it with lots of tips.

Check out this Classic Lisboa Ride Experience

6. Fado Music

Fado music is Portugal’s national music which was born around 19th century and recently added to UNESCO’s World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2011. Go to a Fado house which are usually restaurants. Enjoy your food and wine, while listening Lisbon fadistas (fado singers).

7. Watch City from Targus River

Look at the city from a new perspective and admire it once more. Take a 2-hours tour along Targus River and enjoy the Lisbon’s best views from the water. Finish your tour by watching the sunset over Lisbon in a relaxing atmosphere.

8. Nightlife In Lisbon

You can find variety of nightlife places in Lisbon, from bars to clubs. Lisbon is becoming one of the best city in the world for place to party, dance or just enjoy beer. There is always to do in Lisbon at night.

9. Portuguese Cooking Class

Join a hands-on cooking class in Lisbon and discover traditional Portuguese dishes. A local chef will teach you how to prepare four classic dishes using vegetables, meat and fish. You will also learn some important ingredients in Portuguese cuisine, such as olive oil, cheese, cured sausage.

10. Beautiful View From Miradouro da Graça

Miradouro da Graça is located on the hill of Santo Andre with a perfect view that you can see the old neighborhoods, such as Mouraira, Downtown, the Castle, the river and 25th April Bridge. Have a drink and enjoy the view of the Lisbon.