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Brussels cover

10 Local Things to do in Brussels

by Umut Çakmak

1. Beer Tasting

Beer tasting is one of the musts in Belgium. If you haven’t drunk a Belgian beer, you haven’t really visited Belgium. Belgium has approximately 1200 different beers and you will find definitely one that you love.

2. Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

Learn more about the history of Brussels and its famous chocolate with a walking tour. You will walk through the city center along famous landmarks and stop in exclusive chocolate boutiques for tasting. After tasting truffle and pralines, you will attend chocolate workshop and take your own chocolate with you when leaving.

3. Brussel’s Highlight Tour

In this tour, you will discover the most important and interesting locations in central Brussels during 2-3 hours tour and also discover the hidden histories of the city. You will visit Grand Place, Hallepoort, Justitipaleis.

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4. Brussels Breakfast and Dinner

When you come to Brussels, do not leave before eating Brussels local breakfast and dinner. Try pork sausage, salad and of course Belgium waffle especially.

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5. Musical Instruments Museum

The Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) is one of the fabulous building to visit in Brussels. First you will admire the Art Nouveau architecture of the building, then when you go inside you will see the fascinating collections of instruments from around the world. Head up to the rooftop terrace to see the whole city.

6. Visit A Comics Museum

Brussels is known for its comic history as its chocolate and beer. Comic culture is so strong in Brussel that there is a museum called: “The Belgian Comic Strip Centre”. In here, you can explore the invention and history of the comic.

7. Dance at Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache is local’s one of the favorite places to go out in Brussels. It has really broad selection of music. There is a old-school music hall decor inside. Also, there are themed nights from swing dancing to electro to disco and funk and sometimes there is live music. And the best thing is it’s free on weekdays (€5-7 at weekends).

8. Brussels Waffle Workshop

One of the most famous thing in Belgium is its waffle. This waffle workshop will take 90 minutes. During this 90 minutes, first you will prepare Brussels waffle dough, then cook it and finally decorate it with chocolate, cream and fruits. Make your own waffle as you wish.

9. Brussels Canal District

If you are looking for an authentic tour, go to Brussels canal district. The canal district is used as an industry area. Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art based inside an old brewery. There is also a urban beach where locals come to play beach volley.

10. Hanging In Ixelles

If you ask Brussels people in which district they would love to live, the most popular answer will be Ixelles. It is a great place to have fun, shop and go out. You will feel like you are at home, while visiting shops, cafes, restaurants and parks.