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The problem we face in our lives:

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What is our solution?

Local Guddy is a marketplace platform which connects travelers and locals all around the world.

We are passionate to make travelling and exploring the city cheaper and honest way. We want to make sure that any travelers enjoy their trip through our Guddys. We always worked/are working/will work with the motto: "Anyone can be a guddy" It really doesn't matter which degree you have, which license, which experience you have. What matters is whether you share the same passion with our community or not.

If you know your city and you believe that you can help travelers explore your city in a fun and honest way. You are welcome to become a guddy within our trusted community.

Since our only matter is helping travelers to explore the city, we sorted ourt Guddy types into four categories:

Local Guddy

Shows you the city with its all the hidden spots, views, gardens and must see places.

Food Walker

Shows the best places in the city to taste local foods in several hours.

Pub Crawler

Shows the nigthlife of the city with its best pubs and clubs.

Hommy Chef

Cooks homemade local foods at home and host travelers for a dinner or a breakfast.